Honey and mud massage

Shade cloth and film are necessary for the procedure. Honey and curative mud are preferably heated up to 40...50 ºC. At this temperature also candied honey turns liquid.

Objectives of using honey:

Spread heated honey onto the body using a brush, apply a suitable piece of shade cloth onto which curative is spread. This is covered with film. A blanket or a thicker bath towel is put on the film and also a heating bag if necessary. The duration of the procedure at a moderate temperature (35…40 ºC) is 20...25 minutes. Honey is completely resorbed while residues of mud are stuck on the film and shade cloth and can be removed. Skin should be cleaned with cleansing wipes before starting the massage.

Massage with curative mud

If a patient has had the previously mentioned general mud wrapping procedure, in addition, massage is recommended. Together curative mud procedure and immediate massage offer a good result. Mud procedure heats up the body surface, and muscles and skin are prepared for massage – they are warm and soft. As a result of the massage active substances of mud are absorbed deeper into the body.