For mud therapy overall baths, wrappings, compresses, tampons, galvanised and heated (45-50 ºC) mud are used. Mud wrappings can be used on certain parts of the body or in general. Suitable temperature for curative mud is +40...+45 ºC. The duration of a procedures is usually more than one day, and the duration of a whole therapeutic course is 10...15 procedures. The above mentioned instructions may be changed in case of a physician’s recommendations. If procedures are well tolerated they may be performed more often for certain diseases. In each individual case, prior to starting, it is advised to consult a physician and run general analyses before, during and after the treatment. Heating the mud up to a certain temperature is done using a package of the mud over a water or a steam bath with a maximum temperature of +60...+70 ºC. In case of wrappings the thickness of heated mud should be about 1.5...3 cm. Such thickness guarantees a thermal and chemical optimum effect, suitable pressure on the skin, etc.


Human body’s reactions to procedures with curative mud are different, but generally more perspiration might be observed. During and immediately after the procedure you might feel exhaustion and languor, but a flow of energy after some time. Duration of the procedure is 10...20 minutes depending on how you feel. After the procedure you should wash off the mud with water using a sponge.

Haapsalu Curative Mud in sauna